Study Site Trials

 The SICS selected for trialling in this Study Site are described below:

General Treatment Category Study Site Trials
Tillage, cover crops

1. Effect of cover crop termination with Glyphosate on soil microorganisms - Glyphosate with cover crop; Glyphosate free with cover crop; Control 1: Glyphosate free + hand weeding; Control 2: Glyphosate only

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  Glyphosate x CoverCrops2019 1   Germany experiment factsheet FinalDraft front coverRead the fact sheet in German here.
  Glyphosate x CoverCrops2019 0  
                                     Glyphosate with cover crops  


 Key findings

  • The main crops showed no difference between the treatments, neither in yield quantity nor quality.
  • Weed infestation and soil cover in the main crop in spring were higher with cover crops. There was no effect of glyphosate.
  • The biodiversity and abundance of soil organisms depend on the input, quantity and quality of a carbon source.
  • Earthworms benefit from a cover crops mixture from the first cultivation onwards.
  • Glyphosate application tended to increase beta-glucosidase activity, this indicating temporary stress in microorganisms. No effects were found on earthworms.
  • For maximum erosion control, direct seeding systems are best, however, managing this without glyphosate is hardly possible.