Nutrient management through fertilisation and amendments enhances the capacity of the soil to deliver nutrients and thereby increases crop production and residual crop biomass returned to the soil. However, fertilisation commonly increases environmental impacts through leaching and the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O). The fertilisation source (inorganic vs organic) has a large effect on the nutrient delivering capacity, soil carbon sequestration and emissions.  SoilCare has tested some innovative fertilisation and amendment practices to improve soil quality.  The results of the SoilCare experiments can be viewed by clicking on the fact sheets below.


SoilCare experiment results - Factsheets


Belgium exp 1 amendments   Poland amendments   switzerland fertilisation amendment   swiss amendment 2
Belgium: Organic soil amendments for improving soil quality    Poland: Effects of liming, manure and cover crops on crop yields    Switzerland: Fertilisation and amendments for improving soil health   Switzerland: Green manures and minimum tillage for reducing glyphosate use 
 Read this experiment factsheet in Dutch here   Read this experiment factsheet in Polish here   Read this experiment factsheet in German here     Read this experiment factsheet in German here
urban sludge PT    Hungary fertilisation factsheet         
Portugal: Applying urban sewage sludge to improve soil health   Hungary: Organic versus inorganic Nitrogen fertilisation for increasing soil organic carbon content         
Read this factsheet in Portuguese here   Read this factsheet in Hungarian here         



The table below provides links to existing practical information on the use of soil-improving fertilisers and amendments in agriculture.   

This page is constantly under review, and its contents may change.  

 TitleLanguageCountry Format  Description Organisation
 Compost: Practical Information EN Europe Video A video providing a general definition of compost, as well as the types of compost. Also explains the benefits and challenges of using compost  Best4Soil logo
Vermicompost: Practical Information EN Europe Video Video provides an introduction to vermicompost production and application Best4Soil logo

Thermophilic compost: Practical Information

EN Europe Video Video provides an introduction to thermophilic compost production and application Best4Soil logo
Compost: Advantages and Disadvantages EN Europe Video Video explaining the advantages of using compost, but the issues to consider when either producing or applying compost on fields. Best4Soil logo
Compost Quality EN Europe Video A series of simple biological tests and chemical analysis to measure the compost quality are presented in this video. Best4Soil logo

Compost is good news for soil health

EN UK  Factsheet  Provides a case study using compost and also how soil can be benefited by compost and digestate

Working at Soil Association |

Soil Association 

Amendments For Soil Health In Top Fruit EN UK Trial Results of Innovative Farmer field lab which aims to investigate how the addition of wood chips and biochar affects soil health in fruit production systems

Innovative Farmers | Agricology

Innovative Farmers

Woodchip for Fertile Soils (WOOFS)

EN UK Article Provides a case study of the potential benefits of using woodchips in farming

Working at Soil Association |

 Soil Association

WOOFS: Woodchip For Fertile Soils

EN EU Research project Woodchip research project website

Organic Research Centre | Agricology

 Organic Research Centre

Considerations Before Contracting for Chipped or Shredded Wood Debris Application on Agricultural Land EN US Article Provides potential thoughts to be had before using woodchip and the different methods in which it can be used 

UF/IFAS Extension: Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program - Submit a Question 

University of Florida - IFAS Extension

The long term effect of chemical fertilisers on soil health  EN Europe   Video  A presentation by the European Parliament explaining the effects of fertilisers on soil health

Plant Health Cure BV - YouTube 

Plant Health Cure BV

The Effects of Chemical Fertilisers on Soil  EN  Europe Article   Describes how fertilisers are affecting soil health

Hunker (hunkerhome) on Pinterest | 182.94k followers 


What is Biochar?  EN  Global Article with video   Provides comprehensive coverage of what biochar is and its benefits along with a video with explanation

Why Regenerative Agriculture? - Regeneration International

Regeneration International

Biochar  EN  Australia  Factsheet  Contains a comprehensive guide about biochar, its effects and risks

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Australia) - Wikipedia 

Australian Government

Biochar – the Ultimate Tool to Make Farming More Sustainable?  EN  Europe  Article  Looks at the sustainable future of farming and biochars role within that alongside a research study

ARC 2020 (@ARC2020eu) | Twitter 


Biochar for sustainable soil, agriculture and energy systems  EN  UK  Guide  Conveys Biochars uses, why its used and what it is, along with climate change aspects

Aberystwyth University: Official Category Sponsor, Wales | BAFTA

 Aberystwyth University

What is the impact of digestate on soil?

 EN  UK  Report  Gives the experiences of many farmers and their thoughts about digestate usage along with field lab work

Agri-TechE supporting agri-tech innovation - Agri-TechE

 Agri-tech E


All you need to know about using digestate as a fertiliser  EN  UK  Article Article exploring how digestate can be a valuable alternative for crop nutrient requirements

Farmers Guardian - UK Farming & Agriculture News & Analysis

 Farmers Guardian