Salinization219th June 2019 - A team from the SoilCare project have published a new open access paper in Agronomy: A Review of soil-improving cropping systems (SICS) for soil salinization.  The review compares the effectiveness of different SICS that aim to cope with soil salinization across 11 countries, in order to reveal those that are the most promising. The analysis shows that besides case-specific optimization of irrigation and drainage management, combinations of soil amendments, conditioners, and residue management can contribute to significant reductions of soil salinity while significantly increasing crop yields. These results highlight that conservation agriculture can also achieve the higher yields required for upscaling and sustaining crop production.

Cuevas, J., Daliakopoulos, I.N., del Moral, F., Hueso, J.J. and Tsanis, I.K., 2019. A Review of Soil-Improving Cropping Systems for Soil Salinization. Agronomy9(6), p.295.

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