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A crop grown under a nurse crop and intended to become either a non-harvested crop grown in between two main crop seasons or become a main crop itself in a next season.

Use-dependant or management-dependent properties

Soil properties that show change and respond to use and management of the soil, such as soil organic matter levels and aggregate stability. This is a narrower term than dynamic soil properties which encompasses all changes on the human time scale including those induced by natural disturbances or cycles.

Use-invariant properties

Soil properties that show little change over time and are not affected by use and management of the soil, such as mineralogy and particle size distribution.

Utilized Agricultural Area, UAA

The extent of land used for farming, including arable land, permanent grassland, permanent crops and other agricultural land such as kitchen gardens, but excluding unused agricultural land, woodland and land occupied by buildings, farmyards, tracks, ponds, scrub land, etc.

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