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Management measures (WOCAT)

Measures intended to protect land from erosion / improve production, etc. with particular reference to resting and rotating for grazing, or alternatively changing land use for alternative production system.


Livestock excrements, as such or including bedding material.

Map scale

Relationship between a certain distance on the map and the corresponding distance on the ground (e.g. 1:10,000, which means 1 cm on the map equals to 10,000 cm or 100 m on the ground); the scale is usually located in the legend box of a map.


A transition zone between water and land usually covered by grass.

Mass movement

Dislodgement and downslope transport of soil and rock material as a unit under direct gravitational stress; includes slow displacements, such as creep and solifluction, and rapid movements such as landslides, rock slides, earthflows, debris flows and avalanches; water, ice and to a lesser extent air usually play an important role in the process.

Mechanical weeding

The use of machines to bury, cut or uproot the weeds.

Meta analysis

A meta-analysis is a (statistical) analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies.

Metabolic quotient (qco2)

The ratio of microbial activity to microbial biomass.

Mg, magnesium

MgO Mg x 1.66 = MgO

Microbe or microorganism

An imprecise term referring to any organism too small to see with the naked eye. Generally,

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