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Cropland left idle in order to restore productivity through accumulation of moisture or organic matter. Summer fallow is common in regions of limited rainfall where cereal grains are grown. The soil is tilled for at least one growing season for weed control and decomposition of plant residue.

Farm economy

Comparison of primary farm income and farm costs, i.e. crop yields (income) and production costs

Farm intensity

The intensity of farms are distinguished in three goups: low, medium and high ( This is based on the output in Euros per ha. Low: < 500 euros/ha, high >= 3000 euros/ha, medium: inbetween.

Farm management level (FML)

Level at which decisions are taken. Three levels are distinguished: FML1 for farm type, FML 2 for cropping system and FML 3 for agronomic techniques.

Farm size

The size of farms are distinguished in three goups: small, medium and large ( This is based on the size expressed in ESU (ESU = European Size Unit = 1200 euros standard gross margin ( Small: < 16 ESU, large >= 40 ESU, medium: inbetween.

Farm type (different from LANDMARK!)

Traditional, conventional, organic, conservation or precision farming or agriculture.

Farm type (FT)

The flag characterizing which activity generates the income for a farm and which crops are predominantly grown/animals are kept for that (in the case of Catch-C leaving out features such as intensity and size); consult Table 1.

Farm Type Zone (FTZ)

A spatially homogeneous area with distinctive characteristics in terms of the present climate, soil texture, slope and farm type, thus combining AEZs and FTs.

Farm typology

Characterisation of a farm in terms of its size, specialisation and intensity.

Fatty acid analysis

Examination of the fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) in the soil using gas chromatography. Fatty acids are within the cell walls of soil organisms, so the types of fatty acids found in soil are an indicator of the structure and diversity of the soil community.

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