Partner 27 – Fédération Régionale des Agrobiologistes de Bretagne

Fédération Régionale des AgroBiologistes de Bretagne, 12 avenue des peupliers, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France, Tel: +33 (0)299773234


Fédération Régionale des Agrobiologistes de Bretagne


Profile FRAB is the organization of Brittany’s organic farmers. It gathers 4 local groups of organic farmers : GAB56, GAB22, GAB29 and Agrobio35. The GAB-FRAB network has 4 priorities :
- Developing organic farming in Brittany : transfer of organic practices to conventional farmers, research and development activities, promotion of organic farming
- Supporting organic farmers : training, tools development, food supply chains development
- Supporting installation and transition to organic farming
- Representing and defending organic farmers of Brittany
Around 1.000 organic farmers are members of the network (more or less 50% of organic farmers). 80 farmers are implicated in it as administrators or active members of commissions. About 40 employees work in it, doing technical support, transition to organic farming support, food supply chains advising… GAB-FRAB network is also conducting research actions for years about organic pratices, soils quality, animal welfare or health, crops… in partnership with research centers or technical institutes.
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Role in the project Study Site 16 coordinator
Name Contact details Qualifications Photo
Goulven Maréchal Tel: +33 257 87 26 54

Organic farming, rural development, farming systems. Technical coordination for FRAB (research projects, publications and tools development)

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GoulvenMarechal Small
Gaëtan Johan Tel: +33 299 77 09 48

Soil fertility and quality, agronomy, crop systems, organic farming. Technical support to farmers

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GaetanJohan Small