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Agro Intelligence ApS

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AGROINTELLI is a Danish company, founded in June 2015. From 2020, AgroIntelli changed its focus from a broad R&D technology provider of intelligent farming technologies to producing and selling farm robots commercially. The goal changed from a vision to adopt new agronomic knowledge and scientific results, as well as the latest trends from legislation within Europe and North America into innovative agronomic technologies, to offer a generic fully automated farming system for arable farming on the global market.

AgroIntelli is producing and developing an agricultural robot. The development is research-based by a team of handpicked engineers working on 16 publicly funded research projects in a broad network of more than 30 European Universities. Knowledge gained through these cooperation results in intelligent solutions and products for farming, which not only bring economic benefits to farmers, but also focus on plant and soil protection.

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PhD Ole Green Tel: +45 5185 4406

CEO. Agro engineer and agronomist. Specialist in interactions within tillage, soil compaction and soil fertility. Experience in precision farming technologies – soil tillage optimization, crop establishment and crop protection.


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PhD Gareth Edwards Tel: +45 2564 5148

Biosystems engineer. Specialist in agricultural mechanics and systems engineering. Developer of mathematical models, mobile applications for famers, heuristic optimization algorithms, decision support and data management systems.


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MSc ME Liubava Znova Tel: +45 51 74 61 11

Mechanical engineer. Specialist in machines and means of agricultural production, soil tillage, soil physics and dynamics. Theoretical and practical experience in soil cultivation.

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MSc Kamila Smołucha Tel: +45 5237 9916

Master degree in business. Well-structured, open and quick in responding. Communication and coordination specialist. Theoretical experience in the agriculture industry.


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