Partner 18 – Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Pedologie, Agrochimie si Protectia Mediului  - ICPA  Bucharest

INCDPAPM-ICPA Bucharest, P.O. Box 71 OP 32, Mărăști 61, sector 1, 011464, Bucharest, Romania, Fax: +40 -0213184343


Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Pedologie, Agrochimie si Protectia Mediului 

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Profile National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agro-chemistry and Environment – ICPA Bucharest, Romania, is the leading national research organization for soil science and the environmental protection in agriculture. During the last years, ICPA developed GIS databases at national scale for soils, terrain and land use together with simulation models linked with these databases predicting crop yield under various management practices. Also ICPA contributed to the implementation of various agro-environment regulations and directives, such as: designation of nitrates vulnerable zones and action programs for Nitrates Directive, designation of areas less favored for agriculture, developing methodologies for applying sewage sludge directive, evaluation of the national potential for biofuels and biocarburants. ICPA was partner in several European research projects related to soil monitoring under the framework of Soil Thematic Strategy and risk assessment for soil threats.
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Role in the project Study Site 8 coordinator
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Dr. Irina Calciu Tel. +40 722 659154;
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Land reclamation engineer, soil physics, specialist in soil physical quality evaluation, soil degradation processes in different agricultural systems

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Dr. Olga Vizitiu Tel: +40213184349/180

Agronomist; mechanical, hydrological properties and soil structure as affected by soil management practices

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Dr. Cătălin Simota Tel: +40-0213184349

Manager of research projects and responsible of research themes regarding simulation of mass and energy processes in soils, risk to agro-physical soil degradation.

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Prof. Dr. Mihail Dumitru Tel: +40-0213184349


Manager of research projects regarding management of soil resources, monitoring soil quality, evaluating the agriculture rural policy actions impact on soil resources and rural development.

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Dr. Nicoleta Vrînceanu Tel: +40-0213184458 / 265

Chemist; specialist in behavior of heavy metals in soil-plant system, soil pollution with heavy metals as a result of industrial activity; experience in laboratory studies.

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Mat. Dumitru-Marian Motelică Tel: +40-0213184458 / 244

Mathematician; extensive experience in analysis and design of experiments; statistical data computing

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Dr. Sorina Dumitru Tel: +40-0744966913

Soil physicist, Managing soil databases; developing Geographic Information Systems; applied research related to climate change.

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Dr. Mihaela Preda Tel: +40-0213184458 / 136

Chemist, soil chemistry, specialist in organic pollutants behavior in soil

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Dr. Veronica Tănase Tel: +40-0213184458 / 253

Chemist, soil chemistry, specialist in nutrient availability, agricultural use of organic residues

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Ing. Ilie Calciu Tel. +40 726 829542

Agronomist, specialist in organizing, designing and maintaining experiments in field and greenhouse related to different organic, mineral fertilizers and pollutants behavior in soil-plant system.

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Dr. Petru Ignat Tel: +40-213184458 / 252

Physical geographer, expert in soil science, environmental changes, regional development, soil degradation, services for land evaluation in order to establish land quality class and GIS.

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Dr. Andrei George Vrînceanu Tel: +40-213184458 / 252

Agronomy engineer- expert in soil sciences, soil degradation, land evaluation, development of the thematic soil maps, databases and GIS.

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Dr. Nineta Rizea Tel: +40-0213184458 / 255

Chemistry engineer, soil chemistry, specialized in laboratory analysis, researches on the mobility of heavy metals in the soil and the buffering capacity of soils, environmental studies

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