Partner 9 – Universität Bern, Centre for Development and Environment

Universität Bern, Centre for Development and Environment CDE, Hallerstrasse 10, 3012 Bern, Switzerland, Tel: +41 31 631 88 22, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Universität Bern, Centre for Development and Environment


Profile CDE is the University of Bern’s centre for sustainable development research. It aims to contribute to sustainable development worldwide through research partnerships, education and training, development of concepts and tools, and policy advice. CDE’s focuses include management of natural resources, sustainable regional development, and interventions that maximise human potential to address the challenges of global change. The goals are to understand the effects of global change on natural resources and people’s lives; develop and disseminate context-specific and multi-sectoral innovations; and, through education, promote learning for and from sustainable development. Combining methods, such as GIS-based earth observation and participatory field-based analysis, is typical of CDE’s approach. CDE hosts the secretariat of WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies).
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Role in the project WP4 leader, Study Site 4 coordinator
Name Contact details Qualifications Photo
PD Dr. Abdallah Alaoui Tel:+41 31 631 54 44

Senior research scientist /soil scientist. Professional focus on modelling of the impact of land use and climate changes on soil and flow processes


AbdallahAlaoui Small
Felicitas Bachmann M.A. Tel: + 41 31 631 38 22

Senior Research Scientist / Social Anthropologist. Professional focus on learning for sustainability, social learning processes, development of training tools and approaches


FelicitasBachmann Small
Alexandra Gavilano M.Sc. Tel: +41 31 631 54 96

Research Scientist / project manager and environmental scientist. Professional focus on sustainable land and water management, climate change adaptation, environmental education and documentation tools for SLM.
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Dr. Moritz Bilgalke Tel: +41 31 631 40 55

Soil Sientist and Study Site deputy for the Frauenfeld study site.
Research interests:
  • Development of methods for the characterisation of microplastic in soil
  • Microplastic in the ground: composition, sources and transport in soil
  • Trace element biogeochemistry and element cycling in ecosystems
  • Speciation of metals
  • Biogeochemistry of stable cadmium, iron, copper and zinc isotopes in soil and plants
  • Biogeochemistry of uranium in soil, groundwater and surface waters
  • Stable and radiogenic isotope systems and trace element patterns as tracers for anthropogenic contamination and element input