Partner 6 – Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS)

Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS), Hertogsingel 11B, 6211 NC Maastricht, the Netherlands



Research Institute for Knowledge Systems

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Profile Over the last 25 years RIKS has developed itself into a leading research centre and real-world solution provider in the fields of land use change, model integration and decision support systems. RIKS does applied research for public and private parties worldwide. RIKS supports planners and policy-makers in spatially explicit scenario development with scientific knowledge and with its generic land use modelling framework Metronamica (, which is used by numerous administrations and researchers worldwide. To facilitate its research on model integration and policy support, RIKS has developed the Geonamica software environment. Geonamica forms the basis of a range of tailor-made DSSs, with applications to e.g. Europe, the Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, Puerto Rico, Auckland, Melbourne, Wuhan, Cape Town and Bogota. RIKS has coordinated and participated in several FP projects including LUMOCAP, DeSurvey, PLUREL, MedAction, TiGrESS, MODULUS and RECARE.
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Role in the project WP6 leader
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Hedwig van Delden Tel: +31 43 3215231

Product and project coordination; land use change processes and modelling, integration of socio-economic and bio-physical processes and models, bridging the science-policy gap, scenario development


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Roel Vanhout Tel: +31 43 3215231

Software engineering, DSS development, spatially explicit dynamic modelling, eliciting user requirements


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