Partner 5 – University of Hohenheim

Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation, Soil Biology Section (310b), University of Hohenheim, Emil-Wolff-Str. 27, D-70593 Stuttgart, Germany, Fax +49 (0)711 459-23117 



University of Hohenheim

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Profile The University of Hohenheim is one of the leading University in agricultural research and food sciences in Europe, as well as strong and unparalleled in natural, social, and communication sciences. The combination makes it possible to find solutions for many global challenges. This is why the University puts great importance on maintaining an international network with numerous strong partners.
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Role in the project Study Site 7 coordinator
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Prof. Dr. Ellen Kandeler  Tel: +49 711 4592 4220

Soil biologist, expert of soil microbiology, microbial ecology and ecotoxicology. Her research focuses on responses of soil microorganisms to environmental change.


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Prof. Dr. Carola Pekrun  Tel: +49 7022 201 404

Agronomist with special interest in Conservation Agriculture. She is responsible for On-Farm field experiments on the effect of cover crop mixtures on weeds, crop growth and soil structure.


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Moritz Hallama 

Tel: +49 711 459 23383

PhD-Student with specific interest in the response of soil microorganisms to cover crops and tillage


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