This page gives an overview of the partners involved in the project. By clicking on the name, you go to the corresponding partner information page. 


  Partner no. Partner name Short name Country
   1  Wageningen Research  WR  Netherlands  
   2  Newcastle University  NU  United Kingdom
   3  KU Leuven  KUL  Belgium
   4  University of Gloucestershire  UOG  United Kingdom
   5  University Hohenheim  UH  Germany
   6  Research Institute for Knowledge Systems  RIKS  Netherlands
   7  Technical University of Crete  TUC  Greece
   8  Joint Research Centre  JRC  Italy
   9  University of Bern  UNIBE  Switzerlnd
   10  Milieu LTD  MLTD  Belgium
   11  Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research  NIBIO  Norway
   12  Bodemkundige Dienst van België  BDB  Belgium
   13  Aarhus University  AU  Denmark
   14  Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust  GWCT   United Kingdom
   15  Teagasc  TEAGASC  Ireland
   16  [Soil Cares Research] has withdrawn from the project  SCR  Netherlands
   17  Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra  ESAC  Portugal 
   18  Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Pedologie, Agrochimie si Protectia Mediului  ICPA  Romania
   19  University of Padova  UNIPD  Italy
   20   Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences  IAPAN  Poland
   21  Wageningen University  WU  Netherlands
   22  University of Pannonia  UP  Hungary
   23  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences  SLU  Sweden
   24  Agro Intelligence Aps.  AI  Denmark
   25  Crop Research Institute  VURV  Czech Republic
   26  University of Almeria  UAL  Spain
   27  Fédération Régionale des Agrobiologistes de Bretagne


   28  Scienceview Media  SVM  Netherlands