This page gives an overview of the first plenary meeting, held in Leuven, Belgium from March 14-18, 2016.

The table below gives an overview of the meeting program, the rows also contain the download links of the corresponding presentations. A number of presentations have been recorded on video, these links are also listed in the table. A number of video registrations will still be added.

Additional information from the meeting is available below.

  • A picture gallery of the complete meeting can be seen on the SoilCare Google+ site.
  • A complete ZIP package of all presentations, sorted by day, can be downloaded HERE.
  • The original meeting program can be downloaded HERE.
  • A high resolution group picture, made during the excursion day, can be downloaded HERE.

Monday, March 14th.

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:10 Welcome and opening (Rudi Hessel) LV_MO_01_SoilCare_welcome_Hessel not available 
09:10-09:30 Background to SoilCare (Oene Oenema) LV_MO_02_Why_SOILCARE_Oenema Vimeo
11:00-11:30 Introduction to SoilCare (Rudi Hessel) LV_MO_03_SoilCare_introduction_Hessel  Vimeo
11:30-11:45 WP1 introduction (Erik van den Elsen) LV_MO_04_WP1_presentation_Elsen  Vimeo
11:45-12:00 WP2 introduction (Oene Oenema) LV_MO_05_WP2_presentation_Oenema  Vimeo
12:00-12:15 WP3 introduction (Mark Reed & Liz Oughton) LV_MO_06_WP3_presentation_Reed_Oughton  Vimeo
12:15-12:30 WP4 introduction (Gudrun Schwilch) LV_MO_07_WP4_presentation_Schwilch  Vimeo
14:00-14:15 WP5 introduction (Guido Wyseure) LV_MO_08_WP5_presentation_Wyseure Vimeo
14:15-14:30 WP6 introduction (Hedwig ) LV_MO_09_WP6_presentation_Delden Vimeo
14:30-14:45 WP7 introduction (Jan Cools) LV_MO_10_WP7_presentation_Cools  Vimeo
14:45-15:00 WP8 introduction (Jane Mills) LV_MO_11_WP8_presentation_Mills Vimeo

Tuesday, March 15th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 Work of SoilCares Res. in SoilCare (Aad Termorshuizen) LV_TU_01_biological_soil_quality_Termorshuizen  not available 
09:20-09:40 Work of AgroIntelli in SoilCare (Ole Green) LV_TU_02_Agro_Intelli_Green  not available
09:40-10:00 Introduction to the LANDMARK project (Rogier Schulte) LV_TU_03_LANDMARK_intro_Schulte  not available
10:00-10:20 Introduction to the iSQaper project (Luuk Fleskens) LV_TU_04_iSqaper_Fleskens  not available
14:00-17:00 WP2 session (Oene Oenema) LV_TU_05_WP2_Review_Cropping Systems_Oenema  Vimeo 
14:00-15:30 WP3 session (Mark Reed & Liz Oughton) no presentation available  not available
15:30-17:00 WP8 session (Jane Mills & Julie Ingram) no presentation available  not available

Wednesday, March 16th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 WP2 session (cont. Oene Oenema) LV_WE_01_WP2_Review_Cropping Systems_Oenema  not available
09:20-09:40 WP6 Modelling/Upscaling session (H van Delden) LV_WE_02_WP6_Upscale_Modeling_Delden not available
09:40-10:00 WP7 Policy session (Jan Cools) LV_WE_03_WP7_Policy_Cools not available
14:00-14:30 WP2 feedback (Oene Oenema) LV_WE_04_WP2_Feedback_Oenema not available
14:30-15:00 WP3/WP8 feedback (Mark Reed/Liz Oughton/Jane Mills) LV_WE_05_WP3_Feedback_Reed_Oughton  Vimeo 
15:00-15:30 WP6/WP7 feedback (Hedwig v Delden/Jan Cools) LV_WE_06_WP6WP7_Feedback_Delden_Cools not available
16:00-16:30 SLM and ESS assessment (Gudrun Schwilch) LV_WE_07_WP8_Feedback_Mills not available
16:30-17:00 Role of Scienceview in SoilCare (Manfred van Eijk) LV_WE_08_WP7_Assessment_Schwilch not available

Friday, March 18th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 SmartSoil presentation (Julie Ingram) LV_FR_01_Smartsoil_Presentation_Ingram not available 
09:20-09:40 RECARE presentation (Rudi Hessel) LV_FR_03_RECARE_intro_Hesse not available 
09:40-10:00 SoilCare monitoring & links (Rudi Hessel) LV_FR_02_SoilCare_monitoring_&_links_Hessel  not available
14:00-14:30 SoilCare management (Rudi Hessel & Erik vd Elsen) LV_FR_05_Management_Hessel_Elsen
not available


 The Kick-off meeting photo gallery can be found HERE.