1. Dates

Work Package Leader meeting: Monday, May 28th 14:00 - 21:00. Plenary meeting: Tuesday, May 29th - Friday, June 1st 2018. On Friday the 1st of June, there will be an optional excursion to the study site, Askov Experimental Station.

2. Location

Billund, Denmark

3. Venue

Legoland Conference Centre (LCC).
Askov Research Centre (ARC - excursion Friday)

4. Stay

The participants are requested to book their own hotel room.
LCC is in downtown Billund, 3 km away from the airport. The following recommended hotels are within walking distance from the venue:

Legoland Hotel (twin building to LCC)
70 rooms have been reserved until April 30th, 2018. After that date the offer cannot be warrantied
DKK 1025 per night, single room.
DKK 1225 per night, double room.

Book here:

Legoland Village (3 minutes' walk from the venue)
DKK 915 per night, single room.
DKK 1115 per night, double room.

Book here:
In case of additional questions about booking at Legoland Hotel/Village, write directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zleep Hotel Billund Airport (2,4 km from the venue) 
If you prefer this hotel you should book as soon as possible, as it was not possible to reserve a number of rooms for SoilCare participants.

DKK 898 per night, single room.

Book here:
adding an Offercode "Soilcare": https://www.zleephotels.com/en/hotel/billund-airport/
All prices include breakfast.
















5. Food

There are restaurants in the hotels. Lunch will be at the venue. On Tuesday, there will be an industry-sponsored dinner and on Wednesday the official joint meeting dinner.
Persons with allergies or special food wishes are asked to inform LCC. Buffets are including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

6. Visit Legoland

On Thursday, after the meeting, there will be a possibility for visiting Legoland Park. Entrance to Legoland is included in the meeting fee.

7. Travelling

International travel options
Recommend airport: Billund (BLL).

Local travel
You will have to arrange your own transport to your hotel. Both LegoLand hotels are within walking distance of Billund international airport (see the map above). There is no shuttle service provided. If you do not want to walk, you can take a taxi. This should cost no more than DKK 150 (EUR 20).

8. Local Money

Local currency is Danish Krone (DKK). EUR 1 ≈ DKK 7,50.

ATMs are at the airport and in the Legoland Resort.
It is possible to pay with credit card in most of the places in Denmark (only buses require cash).
Regarding meeting costs, LCC allows paying both with credit card and with EUR - but in such case, the change is going to be given back in DKK.

9. Local Weather

The weather in Denmark is quite unpredictable. In the last few years May has been pretty warm, with sunshine and temperature reaching 20oC. But the minimal temperature can be even 10 oC. The good news is that the spring (nature) is at its height and the sun goes down around 21:30. Usually it's pretty humid, with daily rain showers.
Recommended clothing: lightweight with rainwear.

10. Excursion

There is an optional excursion on Friday, June 1st.
The excursion is a one-day trip to Askov Research Centre (Aarhus University) to see the 120 years long-term experiment. The buses will leave from the Legoland and Zleep hotels at 8:30 and depart back to the hotel/airport at 15:00 and 16:30.
Please bring sturdy shoes and umbrella/raincoat as rainy weather is possible.
"Sustainable lunch" with local food and "recycling brew" will be provided.

11. Meeting costs

There will be a single fee to cover the costs of meeting room, coffee breaks, lunches, and 1 joint dinner (the second one is sponsored by AGROINTELLI and external industrial partners) and entrance to Legoland on Thursday evening. The fee for the meeting is DKK 1985 (EUR 265) and should be paid directly at LCC (cash, bank card, credit card). Receipts will be issued. The fee has been negotiated with LCC based on the full programme. This means that everybody will need to pay this amount, also if they join only part of the meeting.

Excursion is going to be free of charge, thanks to sponsoring by AGROINTELLI and partners.

12. Contact

The meeting is organised and hosted by AGROINTELLI and Aarhus University. For practical questions contact: Kamila Smolucha, AGROINTELLI, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +45 5237 9916
WENR is responsible for the daily program of the meetings: Rudi Hessel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel +31 317 486530), Erik van den Elsen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel +31 317 486533).