This page provides links to all media coverage of the SoilCare project. This coverage includes articles in newspapers, the farming press, trade magazines, TV and radio coverage.

Country/Media type Title with link Source type Date
 Article  Για υποστήριξη της αγροτικής παραγωγής  Local newspaper  06.12.16
 Article  Forschungsprojekt "SoilCare" hilft Böden zu verbessern  On-line magazine  05.12.16
 Article  Forschungsprojekt "SoilCare" hilft Böden zu verbessern  Regional trade journal  05.12.16
 Article  Zum Weltbodentag – Forschungsprojekt "SoilCare" hilft Böden zu verbessern     05.12.16
 Article A fenntartható talajhasználatért:A környezeti és termelékenységi szempontból szakszerű, tudatos földművelés elterjesztése  On-line magazine  01.09.17
 Article  Samarbeider for å bevare europeisk jord National newspaper  05.12.16
 Article   ESAC em projecto europeu sobre melhoria dos solos agrícolas    02.12.16
 Article   Escola Agrária quer melhorar qualidade do solos do Baixo Mondego    02.12.16
 Article  Escola Agrária de Coimbra integra projeto europeu sobre solos agrícolas    03.12.16
 Romania  Calitatea solului si productivitatea agricola  Local newspaper  05.12.16
   Calitatea solului si productivitatea agricola  Web portal  05.12.16
 Article Improving soils to boost crop productivity  Information website  05.12.16
 Radio  Radio interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire  Local radio  01.01.17