A number of videos have been produced to promote the SoilCare project, and also informational videos for project members are available.
The list below gives an overview of the available videos in different categories:


Introducing the SoilCare Study Sites



France video frontcover



Diverse cover crops, early sown wheat and direct maize sowing in France

A diverse range of cover and companion crop mixes with early sown wheat (in August rather than November) and direct drilling of maize are all being trialled to improve soil health at the French study site.


Norway video frontcover


Cover crops for carbon & compaction in Norway

In Norway with the short growing season, it is difficult to get a cover crop established. Find out how the study site here is trying to establish them.



DenmarkSS Video


Soil improving cropping systems in Denmark

In one of the msot intensively farmed parts of the world, the Denmark study site is trialling cover crops to add nutrients between wheat, OSR, bean and / or fodder crops. They are also trialling a new robotic weeder by AgriIntelli.



Germany Study Site experiment video 



Cover crop termination with Glyphosate - effects on microorganisms in Germany

In Germany, the termination of cover crops using the controversial product Glyphosate is being monitored for its effects on the microbial soil populations and the wider soil health. 


Romania Study Site experiment video



Tillage experiments in Romania

Compaction is an issue in the Romanian study site, where several mechanical methods of alleviation are being trialled alongside break crops that are deep rooting to help aerate soils and improve structure and organic matter.



Norway video frontcover




Compaction alleviation experiments in the UK

UK arable soils are also experiencing compaction from intensive farming, therefore the study site is looking at ploughing with low-disturbance sub-soiling, mycorhizzae inoculations to help cover crops grow as well as deep roooting grasses.



Norway video frontcover



Fertiliser and cover crop experiments in Hungary

Farmers are trialling verious cover crops to improve soil health and long-term field experiments in Hungary are experimenting with organic and mineral fertilisers.



Sweden Study Site experiment video



Sub-soil loosening experiments in Sweden

As with some of the other study sites, Sweden has compacted soils and is therefore looking into using sub-soiling to aerate and enhance soil structure.



Poland Study Site experiment video



Precision applications of liming and cover crop experiments in Poland

In Poland, the use of nutirent mapping systems are being trialled for farmers to apply lime in the field areas most needed, whilst cover crops are also being trialled to increase soil health more broadly.



Italy Study Site experiment video



Increasing soil organic matter and cover crops experiments in Italy

In Italy, low soil health and high compaction rates are being addressed by adding organic matter and trialling a range of cover crops.



Greece Study Site experiment video



Increasing soil organic matter and cover crops experiments in Greece

In order to address soil erosion, cover crops and minimum tillage practices are being trialled in the Greek study site.


Czech cover




No till and mineral fertilizer reduction experiments in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, two approaches are being incorporated for increasing soil health and reducing chemical use - no till and mineral fertilizer application reductions.


Belgium cover website


Perennial wheat and woodchip soil amendment experiments in Belgium

A very novel approach is being taken in the Belgium study stie - using perennial wheat as a way to minimise impact upon soils that would usually be caused by machinery and ploughing as well as trialling woodchips to increase soil organic matter (carbon) to stimulate microbial activity.



Introducing the SoilCare Farmers

Spanish Study Site experiment video                     

Spanish study site organic olive farmer on his SICS experience


Organic olive farmer Rafael talks passionately about his family farm and the benefits for him in trialling SICS with the support of researchers on the SoilCare team.