WPL Rhenen DSC03683 Lr6On Tuesday and Wednesday September 13th and 14th, the Work Package Leaders (WPL) and the coordination team met in Rhenen (NL) for the Work Package Leader meeting. WPL meetings, that are held twice a year, are held to discuss the progress in the different work packages and to exchange information about project planning and management issues in the project.

The progress of the first 6 months of the project were discussed and information exchanged. Further agreements regarding the planning of the project were made.

The Work Package Leaders agreed to the proposal of the coordination team of adding a Study Site representative to the Scientific Board (SB). Jannes Stolte (NIBIO, NO) and Chris Stoate (GWCT, UK) volunteered to take part in the SB as Study Site representatives. The idea is that these two members will attend the WPL meetings alternately. Both candidates will be officially appointed after the final approval of the General Assemblee (all project partners). An online vote will be organised in due time.

The meeting notes will be made available on this website as soon as possible.