Here is a list of the completed and anticipated public project deliverables. 

 Deliverable name  Work package number  Completion/Due date
D1.1  SoilCare website  1  August 2016 

D3.1 SoilCare Stakeholder analysis report

        Non-technical summary of SoilCare Stakeholder analysis report (1 page)

 3 February 2017 

D2.1 Review report of soil-improving cropping systems - Deliverable Report (Report 6)

         Review report of Soil-improving cropping systems - Full Report (Report 7)

         Non-technical summary of review of soil-improving cropping systems (11 pages)

         Short version of non-technical summary of review of soil-improving cropping systems (4 pages)

 2  August 2017

D3.2  List of CS selected for testing in WP5

          Non-technical summary of list of cropping systems for selected for testing (1 page)

 3  August 2017
D7.1 Inventory of opportunities and bottlenecks in policy to facilitate the adoption of soil-improving techniques  7  February 2018
D7.2  Report on the selection of good policy alternatives at EU and study site level accompanied by an analysis of their performance on multiple criteria  7  February 2020
D5.2 Report on demonstration activities in Study Sites  5  April 2020
D6.1 Report on the integration and synthesis of Study Site results and their potential for upscaling  6  April 2020
D6.2 Report on the potential for applying soil-improving CS across Europe  6  June 2020
D3.3 Report on the role of trust and other factors in the adoption and social acceptability of soil-improving innovations 3 August 2020
D3.4 Report describing final stakeholder workshops held in study sites, detailing stakeholder feedback on preliminary findings 3  October 2020
D5.3 Report on monitoring results and analysis 5  October 2020
D6.3 Interactive mapping tool for the application of soil-improving CS across Europe 6  October 2020
D8.3 Final conference to disseminate the project results to a range of stakeholders 8  December 2020
D7.3 Policy briefings translating the scientific evidence to a policy audience 7  February 2021
D8.1 SoilCare information hub 8  February 2021
T8.2 Review of soil advice 8 July 2018