This page gives an overview of the first plenary meeting, held in Leuven, Belgium from March 14-18, 2016.

The table below gives an overview of the meeting program, the rows also contain the download links of the corresponding presentations. A number of presentations have been recorded on video, these links are also listed in the table. A number of video registrations will still be added.

Additional information from the meeting is available below.

  • A picture gallery of the complete meeting can be seen on the SoilCare Google+ site.
  • A complete ZIP package of all presentations, sorted by day, can be downloaded HERE.
  • The original meeting program can be downloaded HERE.
  • A high resolution group picture, made during the excursion day, can be downloaded HERE.

Monday, March 14th.

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:10 Welcome and opening (Rudi Hessel) LV_MO_01_SoilCare_welcome_Hessel not available 
09:10-09:30 Background to SoilCare (Oene Oenema) LV_MO_02_Why_SOILCARE_Oenema Vimeo
11:00-11:30 Introduction to SoilCare (Rudi Hessel) LV_MO_03_SoilCare_introduction_Hessel  Vimeo
11:30-11:45 WP1 introduction (Erik van den Elsen) LV_MO_04_WP1_presentation_Elsen  Vimeo
11:45-12:00 WP2 introduction (Oene Oenema) LV_MO_05_WP2_presentation_Oenema  Vimeo
12:00-12:15 WP3 introduction (Mark Reed & Liz Oughton) LV_MO_06_WP3_presentation_Reed_Oughton  Vimeo
12:15-12:30 WP4 introduction (Gudrun Schwilch) LV_MO_07_WP4_presentation_Schwilch  Vimeo
14:00-14:15 WP5 introduction (Guido Wyseure) LV_MO_08_WP5_presentation_Wyseure Vimeo
14:15-14:30 WP6 introduction (Hedwig ) LV_MO_09_WP6_presentation_Delden Vimeo
14:30-14:45 WP7 introduction (Jan Cools) LV_MO_10_WP7_presentation_Cools  Vimeo
14:45-15:00 WP8 introduction (Jane Mills) LV_MO_11_WP8_presentation_Mills Vimeo

Tuesday, March 15th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 Work of SoilCares Res. in SoilCare (Aad Termorshuizen) LV_TU_01_biological_soil_quality_Termorshuizen  not available 
09:20-09:40 Work of AgroIntelli in SoilCare (Ole Green) LV_TU_02_Agro_Intelli_Green  not available
09:40-10:00 Introduction to the LANDMARK project (Rogier Schulte) LV_TU_03_LANDMARK_intro_Schulte  not available
10:00-10:20 Introduction to the iSQaper project (Luuk Fleskens) LV_TU_04_iSqaper_Fleskens  not available
14:00-17:00 WP2 session (Oene Oenema) LV_TU_05_WP2_Review_Cropping Systems_Oenema  Vimeo 
14:00-15:30 WP3 session (Mark Reed & Liz Oughton) no presentation available  not available
15:30-17:00 WP8 session (Jane Mills & Julie Ingram) no presentation available  not available

Wednesday, March 16th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 WP2 session (cont. Oene Oenema) LV_WE_01_WP2_Review_Cropping Systems_Oenema  not available
09:20-09:40 WP6 Modelling/Upscaling session (H van Delden) LV_WE_02_WP6_Upscale_Modeling_Delden not available
09:40-10:00 WP7 Policy session (Jan Cools) LV_WE_03_WP7_Policy_Cools not available
14:00-14:30 WP2 feedback (Oene Oenema) LV_WE_04_WP2_Feedback_Oenema not available
14:30-15:00 WP3/WP8 feedback (Mark Reed/Liz Oughton/Jane Mills) LV_WE_05_WP3_Feedback_Reed_Oughton  Vimeo 
15:00-15:30 WP6/WP7 feedback (Hedwig v Delden/Jan Cools) LV_WE_06_WP6WP7_Feedback_Delden_Cools not available
16:00-16:30 SLM and ESS assessment (Gudrun Schwilch) LV_WE_07_WP8_Feedback_Mills not available
16:30-17:00 Role of Scienceview in SoilCare (Manfred van Eijk) LV_WE_08_WP7_Assessment_Schwilch not available

Friday, March 18th

Time Presentation subject Download pdf View video
09:00-09:20 SmartSoil presentation (Julie Ingram) LV_FR_01_Smartsoil_Presentation_Ingram not available 
09:20-09:40 RECARE presentation (Rudi Hessel) LV_FR_03_RECARE_intro_Hesse not available 
09:40-10:00 SoilCare monitoring & links (Rudi Hessel) LV_FR_02_SoilCare_monitoring_&_links_Hessel  not available
14:00-14:30 SoilCare management (Rudi Hessel & Erik vd Elsen) LV_FR_05_Management_Hessel_Elsen
not available


 The Kick-off meeting photo gallery can be found HERE.

Leuven plenary meeting information page
The meeting has finished; an information page with presentations and pictures will appear here soon.

Click here for more information on the A0 poster printing service

After reading this information page, you are requested to arrange your travel and book your hotel for the meeting. When you have done this, you are requested to register for the meeting on the event registration page.

1. Dates

The meeting will be held from Monday morning 09:00, March 14th until Friday, March 18th, 12:00.

2. Location and Venue

The location and venue of the meeting is the Salon Georges, Hogeschoolplein 15, 3000 Leuven, Belgium. ( - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel. +32 16 23 75 75)

3. Stay

There are plenty of hotel options in the neighbourhood of Salons Georges, below you find a small list of hotels, but if you search on the internet, there are many more. 
You are free in the selection of a hotel, you are requested to book a hotel yourself.

Click this LINK to open a map of Leuven showing hotels in the neighbourhood of Salons Georges.

  • Penta Hotel (***, 3 min walking from venue, rooms from € 90/night)
  • Theater Hotel (***, 4 min walking from venue, rooms from €94/night) 
  • Ibis Hotel (****, 6 min walking from venue, rooms from € 65/night)

4. Food

  • Breakfast is arranged by your own hotel.
  • Lunches are arranged for during the lunch breaks. If you have any special wishes regarding food, diets or allergies, please indicate this on the registration page. This will be taken into account by Salons Georges.
  • Coffee and tea is arranged during the meeting breaks.
  • During the week, there is one or two meeting dinner(s), the rest of the week you are requested to arrange your own dinner. There are plenty restaurants and bistros in the centre of Leuven.

5. Travelling

Leuven can be reached by different means of transportation:

  • The main international airport in the area is Brussels International Airport, Zaventem. Zaventem is located at 20 minutes distance by train from Leuven. There are trains running every half hour from the airport to Leuven train station. (Train planner HERE; use 'Zaventem (Airport)' as your departure). The train fare from the airport to Leuven centre is about € 9,-
    It is also possible to take a taxi from Zaventem Airport to Leuven. This will cost you around € 70,-
  • You can also travel through Brussels South Airport (Charleroi). Take the shuttle coach that leaves the airport every 30 minutes to take you to the main Brussels railway station (Brussels South). The shuttle coach stop there is at the crossing of rue de France and rue de l’Instruction. The shuttle fare costs € 14 and tickets are sold inside the airport terminal. The trip takes around one hour. At Brussels South railway station, you may take the train to Leuven.
    You can check the train schedule online HERE.

There are international trains going to various bigger cities in Belgium (Antwerpen, Brussels), depending on the direction you are travelling from. Please refer to your travel agent or your International Train Travel Guide how to reach Belgium by train. A good start is SNCB Europe. Local trains or taxi's can then be used to reach Leuven. 
You can check the train schedule online HERE.


You can reach Leuven using different motorways depending on the direction you are travelling from. Parking in Leuven is quite expensive. In the centre of Leuven, there are so-called 'blue zones' where parking is limited to 2 hours. There are several parkings in Leuven (overview HERE). Parking Ladeuze (750 cars) is closest to the venue, Salons Georges (5 min walking). The tarif for parking at Ladeuze is € 20,00 per 24 hours.

6. Local Money

The local currency is Euro. International Bank Cards and Credit Cards are widely accepted in Belgium.

7. Local Weather

Local weather in March can be a bit unsteady. Please take a raincoat and umbrella to protect you from possible wet weather. Temperature in Leuven is normally +6°C ±2. Extended weatherforecast for Leuven (14 days) can be found HERE.

8. Excursion

There is an excursion on Thursday, March 17th. It will be all day, and we will visit the Belgium study site, including some experimental sites. The excursion will be by bus, but will also involve some walking. Please bring sturdy shoes and umbrella/raincoat as rainy weather and muddy fields are possible. Lunch is arranged. More information on the excursion will be provided on this website when more details are known.

9. Meeting costs

There will be one fee to cover the costs of meeting room, coffee breaks, lunches, excursion, and 1 or 2 joint dinners. The level of the fee is not known yet. Receipts will be issued (needed for claiming your costs). Method of payment (cash, cards) will be made known.
! Please note that costs for your hotel (arranged by yourself) will need to be paid by yourself separate from the meeting costs.

10. Registration

You need to register for the meeting, using the event registration page. It is important to book your travel and hotel arrangements beforehand, since you need to fill out this information during registration.

11. Poster Printing Service

For those who don’t like to carry a poster, there are two firms that can print this poster for you in Leuven

  1. Alpha Copy. This firm is at Tiensestraat 89, 3000 Leuven, which is not that far from the venue.
    Costs for ‘normal’ quality A0 posters are: €16, for ‘graphical’ quality (260 g): €70. You can go there yourself, the ‘normal’ quality is printed in 15 minutes, and the graphical in 25 minutes.
    Alternatively, you can ring them (+3216225601) the week before the meeting for instructions how to send a pdf file to them beforehand.
  2. Printing Shop. This firm is also at the Tiensestraat, nummer 56. Costs for ‘normal’ quality A0 posters are: max. €14 (depended on the amount of ink used). For ‘graphical’ quality (190 g): max. €20 (also depended on the amount of ink). Printing here takes about one hour, and you can send the PDF already on forehand to them via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, you can contact them at +3216295759.

Please note:

  • A good alternative is still bringing your printed poster with you.
  • There might be limited time to have the poster printed during the meeting. It is a good idea to arrange the printing of your poster with one of these two shops well before the meeting, and try to collect your ready printed poster on monday or tuesday before the meeting (contact the printshops for opening hours).
  • Please make sure you get a receipt for printing your poster, you need this to claim the costs.

12. Contact

The meeting is organised and hosted by KU Leuven:
Viviane CrabbéThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel +32 16 32 97 20
Guido WyseureThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel +32 16 32 96 61

The excursion is organised by BDB: Annemie ElsenThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Alterra is responsible for the programme of the meeting:
Rudi HesselThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel +31 317 486530
Erik van den ElsenThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel +31 317 486533

The SOILCARE project will host the following Plenary meetings:


Period Name Date/Year Meeting info After meeting info
1 Kick-off meeting 2016 Leuven, Belgium Leuven, Belgium
2 2nd Plenary Meeting 2017 Chania, Greece Chania, Greece
3 3rd Plenary Meeting 2018 Billund, Denmark Billund, Denmark
4 4th Plenary Meeting 2019 Almeria, Spain Almeria, Spain
5 Study Site Meeting 2020 Leuven, Belgium Leuven, Belgium
5 5th Plenary Meeting 2020 (Budapest, Hungaria*) Online presentations
6 Final Plenary meeting 2021    

*) due to the Covid-19 crisis, a number of meeting sessions are held online; the presentations are on the 'Online presentations' page. 

The SOILCARE project will host the following Work Package Leader (WPL) meetings:

Period Name Date/Year Meeting info After meeting info
1 1st WPL meeting 2016  Rhenen, NL  
2 2nd WPL meeting 2017  Bern, CH Bern, CH
3 3rd WPL meeting 2018  Brussels, BE Brussels, BE
4 4th WPL meeting 2019  Oslo, Norway Oslo, Norway
5 5th WPL meeting 2020     
5 6th WPL Meeting 2021    

Click on the location name to go to the corresponding information page.