On April 23rd 2020, a one-hour long webinar is organised in cooperation with SoilCare partners Milieu (WP7, 'policy analysis') and RIKS (WP6, 'upscaling and synthesis') on the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, in particular those related to improved soil quality

The specific aim of the webinar is to obtain feedback on a set of draft narrative scenarios that have been developed based on input from the first SoilCare scenario workshop, held in June 2019, in which a group of actors from the European Commission, NGOs, farmers and farm organisations, extension services, industry and research came together to obtain a better understanding of future uncertainties regarding sustainable and profitable agriculture in Europe. They discussed the factors that would impact on the adoption of mandatory or voluntary policy measures to promote sustainable agricultural practices, scoped key drivers of change, and provided input to the developed draft scenarios. 

Through this webinar, we are now seeking for input from a broader group of actors, also those not able to attend the workshop last year. The feedback received during the webinar will be used to further fine-tune and develop the narrative scenarios. 

The developed narrative scenarios will provide input to the modelling and a second workshop, which will focus on assessing the impact of the scenarios on policy-relevant criteria, the barriers and enablers to take up sustainable agricultural practices and policy support. 

The results from the webinar and the workshops, combined results of the modelling and the narratives, will provide input in the identification of best policy approaches tailored to different situations. We will disseminate these policy recommendations to the European Commission and to a wider audience through a report, conferences and policy briefs. 

  • More detailed information can be found in the Webinar information leaflet.
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