Partner 28 –, Eekhoornstraat 33, 1216 AP Hilversum, Nederland, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +31356249950


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Profile Scienceview is an audiovisual company that specializes in documentaries and current affairs, reporting on scientific, cultural and historical topics. Over the past 25 years, Chris Blokhuis (cameraman / producer) and Manfred van Eijk (director / producer) have made a range of documentaries, including films on the emergence of infectious diseases, forest fires, and the destruction and disappearance of precious natural habitat. The treatment is often highly critical of society. We are concerned for the future, both of humankind and the environment. We reveal these cares and problems in our documentaries, at the same time showing how the issues can be tackled by politicians, scientists, and society at large. The power of the image can make complex problems comprehensible to a mass audience.
Our documentaries can often be viewed on the public broadcasting channels, and we frequently collaborate with scientific research institutes and universities.
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Role in the project Project partner
Name Contact details Qualifications Photo
Manfred van Eijk Tel: +31 6 23117880

Documentary director and producer

ChrisBlokhuis Small
Chris Blokhuis Tel: +31 6 51249906

Cameraman and producer

ManfredEijk Small

Partner 27 – Fédération Régionale des Agrobiologistes de Bretagne

Fédération Régionale des AgroBiologistes de Bretagne, 12 avenue des peupliers, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France, Tel: +33 (0)299773234


Fédération Régionale des Agrobiologistes de Bretagne


Profile FRAB is the organization of Brittany’s organic farmers. It gathers 4 local groups of organic farmers : GAB56, GAB22, GAB29 and Agrobio35. The GAB-FRAB network has 4 priorities :
- Developing organic farming in Brittany : transfer of organic practices to conventional farmers, research and development activities, promotion of organic farming
- Supporting organic farmers : training, tools development, food supply chains development
- Supporting installation and transition to organic farming
- Representing and defending organic farmers of Brittany
Around 1.000 organic farmers are members of the network (more or less 50% of organic farmers). 80 farmers are implicated in it as administrators or active members of commissions. About 40 employees work in it, doing technical support, transition to organic farming support, food supply chains advising… GAB-FRAB network is also conducting research actions for years about organic pratices, soils quality, animal welfare or health, crops… in partnership with research centers or technical institutes.
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Role in the project Study Site 16 coordinator
Name Contact details Qualifications Photo
Goulven Maréchal Tel: +33 257 87 26 54

Organic farming, rural development, farming systems. Technical coordination for FRAB (research projects, publications and tools development)

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Gaëtan Johan Tel: +33 299 77 09 48

Soil fertility and quality, agronomy, crop systems, organic farming. Technical support to farmers

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UNIVERSITY OF ALMERÍA, Carretera Sacramento s/n, 04120 Almería (Spain)



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Profile The University of Almeria (UAL) is a research-education oriented public university, founded in 1993. It is a non-profit organization and has currently 34 degrees available, including 854 professors. Today it has more than 13,000 students, including 600 doctorate students. A total of 30 departments (125 research groups) are devoted to research and training. In addition to the research work of the departments, the UAL has 7 research institutes.
The UAL’s researcher had got projects from different International Programmes. Some of the most important are IV Framework Programme (9 projects), V Framework Programme (3 projects), VI Framework Programme (6 projects),VII Framework Programme (11 projects) and Horizon 2020 (10 projects).
The UAL has a portfolio of patents with 78 Spanish patents, 14 international applications, 2 protected plant varieties and 2 utility models. There are 22 Spin-offs created from technology or research conducted at the University institution.
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Role in the project Study Site 15 coordinator
Name Contact details Qualifications Photo
Dr. Julián Cuevas González Tel: +34 950 015559

Professor of Pomology at the University of Almería. Expert in Physiology of flowering and fruiting, especially in Mediterranean and Subtropical fruit crops

JulianCuevaz Small 
Dr. Virginia Pinillos Villatoro Tel:+ 34 950214106

Agronomist specialist in management techniques (especially deficit irrigation) for improving fruit quality and productivity in fruit crops

VirginiaPinillos Small 
Dr. Juan José Hueso Martín  Tel: +34 950 580 548

Agronomist engineer specialist in plant physiology, water relations and crop production in fruit trees.

JuanJoseHuesoMartin Small 
Dr. Fernando del Moral Torres  Tel: +34 950 015 924

Ph Dr. in Biology and graduate in agriculture engineering. Specialist in soil science, mainly soil contamination and restoration and soil fertility. Special interest in soil physical fertility.

FernandoDelMoralTorres Small 
Dr. Yolanda Cantón  Tel:+34950015959

Biologist interested in understanding how dryland soils function. Expert in the role of soil surface components (especially biocrusts) on runoff and erosion at multiple spatial scales.

YolandaCanton Small 
Dr. Emilio Galdeano-Gómez  Tel: +34 950015171

Economist, specialist in agricultural economics, rural development and environmental economics, with special interest in water management and renewable energy

EmilioGaldeano Small 
Dr. José A. Aznar-Sánchez Tel: +34 950 015192

Economist, specialist in rural sustainable development, environmental economics, agricultural economics and policy.

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